The Fraser Coast has weighed in on the issue of whether children should be smacked.
The Fraser Coast has weighed in on the issue of whether children should be smacked. Nat Bromhead

YOUR SAY: Fraser Coast readers weigh in on smacking debate

CHRONICLE readers have responded to an opinion piece suggesting it might be time for parents to stop smacking their children.

Mark D Shelton: No. "Studies" are usually rigged to promote the agenda. We have all seen the demise of the public school system since corporal punishment went out. We need to support parents in keeping discipline in the home.

Benny Down Hill: Parents stopped smacking their children years ago. Kids today are unruly and down right turds! No respect, no morals and zero understanding of personal space/belongings. You can tell them apart in the shopping centres too ... They are the parents quietly asking their children to "not do that" rather than being firm and acting with authority, or the ones completely ignoring the fact their children just hurt three people and ruined $300 worth of stock.

Emma Worth: You don't have to hit a child to be firm or act with authority. How many employers do you see hitting their employees to gain their respect? It comes down to actually parenting, and I don't feel a parent should be someone to fear. I choose to be someone my kids have trust in, respect and look up to, not to fear and fear what punishment they will receive for a mistake.

I want them to come to me and be honest for what they have done, not hide it or lie. My children are well behaved, say please and thank you, they come to me if they have accidentally broken something...and guess what? I don't hit them funny enough.

Should parents be allowed to smack their children?

This poll ended on 14 July 2019.

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Mel Duffy: Smacked my kids when they were little. They are all respectful young adults now. Go figure.

Jason Hooper: Never hurt us it taught us not to be naughty and respect for your elders and I bring my kids up the same way

Elizabeth Winston: Do-gooders really need to go and mind their own business and allow parents to discipline their children by a simple smack by the hand. Simple.

Aaron Erksine: There are a few too many delinquents running around Hervey Bay that need more than a few smacks.