Yacht passing the Urangan Pier.
Yacht passing the Urangan Pier. Hugh Maxwell

Your say on $1M study to extend Urangan Pier

ONE million dollars for a study?

Readers have had their say on Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorensen's announcement that the LNP government will invest $1million towards a feasibility study to extend the Urangan Pier.

On Facebook Andrew Kite questioned that amount of money being spend on a study.

"Here I'll save you the money from the study. Build it and use the money for this study on something worthwhile,” he said.

Larissa Ashley said she'd love to see what is looked like years ago.

"You definitely learn something new everyday,” she said.

"I love learning history and seeing buildings and monuments restored to their former glory.”

Another reader said he'd love to see it restored and believes it would be great for the tourism industry.

"Yes it should be restored to the way it was built in 1917 out of respect to original builders and I think it would attract more tourists dollars,” Glen Parker said.

Looking back, Louisa Rondinella shared a fond memory.

"I remember balancing along the train tracks walking out as a kid,” she said.

"It wasnt as long as it originally was but the tracks where still there.

"It's a shame they took the 'heritage' away from it,” she said.

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