Natalie Hicks dropped half her body weight in 18 months.
Natalie Hicks dropped half her body weight in 18 months. Contributed/Alistair Brightman

YOUR SAY: Readers congratulate 'legend'

A HERVEY Bay woman who lost 60kg in just 18 months has been inundated with messages of congratulations.

Natalie Hicks weighed 128kg five years ago but after seeing a family photo where she was told she looked smaller than in real life, she decided to turn her life around.

Readers of the Chronicle have expressed their adoration for the now 24-year-old on a Facebook post.

Tara Birse: You are an absolute inspiration and a beautiful person in every way. Super proud of you and so pleased you get to tell your story.

Kathy Whatman: You my beautiful girl are an inspiration.

I have watched your transformation over the last couple of years that I have known and I am truly amazed with your dedication and spirit.

Maddi Strong: Will forever be inspired by you Natalie. You've done and continue to do such an amazing job.

Jodie Darren: I don't know you but your amazing well done on your achievement.

Marisa Campbell: Natalie Hicks you are an inspiration to many including me. You deserve to be recognised for your amazing effort.

Gwen Evans: I remembered when you worked at Maccas years ago.. always friendly with a lovely smile.. you have a really positive attitude.. You go girl!!!


Andrea Durn: You're amazing! Well done Natalie, so happy for you.

Tamika Rowland: Great work you look so healthy.

Shannelle Roberts: Just as beautiful on the inside too.

Paige Mills: So amazing Natalie Hicks your such an inspiration to so many people.

Shane Brown: Absolutely legend this woman.