YOUR SAY: Readers respond after couple sues over diagnosis

THE Fraser Coast has responded to a story about a Queensland couple who say they would have aborted their unborn child if they had known their daughter had Down Syndrome.

Joelle Kelly: My daughter has the same condition and I'm absolutely horrified by this. Screening is screening it is not diagnostic and it certainly doesn't mean you go and sue because of it.

What a potential nightmare this is going to set if it passes in their favour. My child is not a burden. If this is their view of their own child then they needed to adopt her out.

Jody Mcguirk: You have no right to sue, your baby could have been fine.

My son was fine until birth anything could happen so just be grateful that you have such a special child. Give your child love and if you can't handle it get help what is suing going to achieve money ain't nothing, life is what is important and your child has a life.

Helen Maffescioni: In the days before all these modern ultrasounds we couldn't even know if it was a boy or girl until they were born. We were proud and happy to accept what our precious babies were.

Elizabeth Winston: I do not understand as all children born into this world are beautiful. I have a grandson who will be turning 6 in July and my daughter's pregnancy was just awful and both my daughter and husband were told that their son could of been born with Down syndrome and we would not have cared. He was my grandson and I would have loved him regardless. He was born with a cleft lip and has had operations to fix up his lip. All children have their own personalities and we love ours regardless.

Rochelle Kirkup: Well that's statistics for you. Even though their calculations said low risk there is still a chance. They still have a beautiful child that needs them and hopefully this gets thrown out of court.

Siobhan Sheppard: Low risk does not mean NO risk.

And they would have been well aware of the limits of scanning. They will be able to receive NDIS funding. I hope they do not win court case.