Four-year-old Thunder is being sold for $1700.
Four-year-old Thunder is being sold for $1700. Contributed

YOUR SAY: Readers want to bring home sad kookaburra in cage

A PHOTO of a kookaburra stuck in a cage in the United States has triggered a sad response from Fraser Coast Chronicle readers.

Australian laws state that it's illegal to keep a kookaburra as a pet, but such laws don't exist in the US state of Virginia, where the bird was found.

While there has been a groundswell of support to bring the bird back to its native country, the Department of Agriculture said that wouldn't happen.

But that didn't stop the residents of our region from wishing the bird could return to its native land.

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Andrea Mackander: "It would have been smuggled out there somehow and needs to be returned here poor thing."

Ann Smith: "So it could go to a zoo or wildlife park instead of a cage in a pet shop."

Adriana Monzo: "It was bred there so there are more...sad really."

Jan Saint: "How did this bird get out of our country."

Marian Lynch: "Let him go. He will survive if near some forest and eucalyptus trees. Snakes and lizards will help."

Rebecca Andrews: It can't even live in the wild over there as it would be the only one.

Liz Meyer: "Let's all help him to come home again."