Fishing regulation changes - Commerical fisherman Kevin Greenhlagh.
Fishing regulation changes - Commerical fisherman Kevin Greenhlagh. Cody Fox

YOUR SAY: Readers weigh in on changes to fishing regulations

CHRONICLE readers have reacted to the State Government's new fishing reforms.

Yesterday Kevin Greenhalgh shared his story.

The fisherman of 43 years doesn't think his business can survive any more rules and regulations.

The Fraser Coast net fisherman, who regularly fishes in the waters around the Mary River, Great Sandy Strait and off Fraser Island, says new commercial reforms imposed by the State Government risk shutting the industry down if no "allowable catch" limit is set.

Under the changes, commercial catch limits of 42 tonnes and 15 tonnes have been imposed for snapper and pearl perch respectively.

Sue Brooks: I wonder how he would suggest we protect our fisheries then?

Eddy Foster: Palaszczuk and Labor are destroying Queensland and Queensland jobs.

Labor no longer serves the working class man. They are just puppets for the Greens.

Raelene Cous: I attended the STEM event at the Brolga the other week and one of the scientists is the person who came up with the program for doing fish counts (specifically barramundi) and working out at what stage does the government need to intervene or we have a total species loss.

So I really want to ask the fishermen who whinge about the government taking the steps recommended by experts to avoid species loss what the hell they think species loss will do to their business?

Maybe they should have attended the STEM event at the Brolga and listened to this population expert and asked her questions so they could make more informed decisions about their own practices.

Nigel Youngman: Funny that I thought it was professional fishermen that have already destroyed fishing in the Sandy Strait. Just go for a walk on the Hervey Bay beaches there are no birds (pelicans and seagulls ) because there is no food source. Even when I take my jetski out I don't see any birds working. The pros have netted everything out there.