The old flour mill in Maryborough will be demolished this week.
The old flour mill in Maryborough will be demolished this week. Alistair Brightman

YOUR SAY: Readers weigh in on flour mill demolition

READERS had a strong response to news Maryborough's historical flour mill will soon be reduced to rubble as demolition crews begin dismantling the site.

Maryborough-based company Hose Family Trust will undertake demolition works at the Dominion Flour Mill.

Ann Cameron: "Been talking this for years. Will it actually happen?"

Ben Collingwood: "Excellent news."

Jay Miller: "I thought it was heritage-listed."

Zacchary Kevin Body: "Please God tell me something else is gonna be put there!"

Trina Simpkin: "Served its purpose, has no use as a flour mill any more. But it would have been nice to see it remodelled and revamped and used again, keeping some of its heritage features, e.g. a marketplace, with fruit and veg, butcher, florist and another coffee shop. I'd be interested in knowing what is going to be built there instead."

Raine Dinnington: "Been an eyesore for far too long I think."

Kyle Chay: "Who cares what's with this town and their heritage? No one cares for it build some new things."

Matthew Thomas: "So sad a little of Maryborough's heritage and history being demolished ... surprised it's not being moved down to Hervey Bay."

Des Thompson: "Wouldn't mind some of the timber out of it."

Owey Finch: "Be an eyesore gone."

Nicole Fischer: "This makes me so sad ... I have always dreamed of owning this building ... I have so many plans for it lol."

Marian Wade: "Such a shame but the world moves on."

Leigh Marsh: "So sad, I love driving past it. Remembering old memories."

Christine Bryant: "More history gone. Ran amok there a few times."

Gerard Lawson: "Oh well, there's more of Maryborough's history gone, it's sad because it was a good old town to grow up in, there's no work or money there any more."

Gayle Wixon: "My dad worked at the flour mill."

Dan Collins: "Should have happened decades ago."