Rikki-Lee Denyer from M4A1 Gelblaster shop on Boat Harbour Drive, Pialba.
Rikki-Lee Denyer from M4A1 Gelblaster shop on Boat Harbour Drive, Pialba. Alistair Brightman

YOUR SAY: Readers weigh on safe use of gel-blasters

THE region has reacted to a shop manager's warning after a teen was charged with dangerous conduct of a weapon.

He allegedly used a gel-blaster to fire shots at people near Bideford St in Torquay earlier this month.

Rikki-Lee Denyer from M4A1 Gelblasters, which opened on Boat Harbour Dr recently, said using gel-blasters in a threatening manner went against everything the gel-ball community stood for.

Christine Hogan: There is always a rogue element attracted to any form of gun play. But these things would definitely scare the s**t out of me if one was randomly pointed in my direction.

Could definitely waste a lot of police and emergency resources, time and money in the event of a wild goose chase and more likely than not the rogue shooter could get himself/herself seriously wounded or killed in the process.

Jason Miller: They are great fun, gets people of all ages out of the house, exercising. Sure there is 0000.1% of those doing the wrong thing, but that's with anything in day to day life, don't punish those for the very very few incidents from idiots... there is also the stop and think campaign for it. The toys come with safety glasses ... use them or buy a full face mask.

It isn't the sellers responsibility for buyers own misuse, if that's the case, we should sue car manufacturers for bad drivers.

Also, if misused and brandished in public to cause fear ... it is then treated like a real firearm which can carry serious fines or jail time.

If we make an example of the people doing the wrong thing, it wont happen as often.

Bradley Austin: I guess it comes down to using your brain a bit and having a think about where to use these gel guns which many people can't think nowadays. If you want to use a gel gun for armed hold ups, then you run a risk and that's up to them but don't go blaming the police.

Ashlee Murray: As a mother of three boys, 11-17, they all have gel blasters but they also know the rules and laws regarding them.