YOUR SAY: Region weighs in on landmark electric car deal

READERS have responded to news of a landmark deal that will change the future of Australia's electric car industry. Just months after the launch of his company's first electric vehicle, the ACE Cargo Van, ACE-EV managing director Greg McGarvie has announced a partnership between the business and Adelaide truck body maker Aldom. The Maryborough businessman said the agreement was set to bring ACE-EV's range of vehicles roaring into life.

Jorge Eduardo: But this is the logical thing, I prefer a factory that gives people jobs to produce a merchandise that improves the environment, and not a factory that produces explosives and ammunition that only serve to kill other human beings, and to maintain the production you need to be at war, tell me if I'm wrong.

Peter Dore: A very old, but wise saying is ... To maintain peace, one must prepare for war. Both of these factories are good for our area.

Peter Pat Hall: There is a person at Howard who has been demonstrating hydrogen manufacture to the State Government and he has a running engine powered by hydrogen. Batteries equals scarce resources and a massive disposal problem and the cheapest nastiest electric car is around $50,000 and takes four hours ton recharge unless you splash out on the "optional extra elite charger".