Hand Rasied in Classroom
Hand Rasied in Classroom

YOUR SAY: Shock over family's $3000 school camp cost

THE Fraser Coast has reacted after a mum shared her shock when she received a letter from her daughter's school requesting $3000 for a school camp, with the first payment of $400 due within days.

The family, who live in the Northern Territory, get by on a single full-time salary.

Fraser Coast readers were shocked by the amount.

"Your whole family could go on a holiday for that price," Lisa Henderson said.

Karla Hoffman said "heck no".

"Thankfully our school fees cover camp costs.

"There's no way they could make a $3k camp compulsory," she said.

Anne Hammond said the trip technically wasn't a school camp.

"It's a trip to Canberra from the NT," she wrote.

"Flying from Darwin or worse Alice Springs with accommodation in Canberra, Melbourne and the snow.

"Darwin High School used to take a trip every year to see Parliament House and the snow."

Michelle Petersen said some were worse off. "I feel sorry for the parents of twins at that school," she wrote.

 Debbie N Garry Oldfield felt the price was right.

 "Our daughter's trip from Mackay to Canberra was $750 10 years ago and they went by bus.

"Take into account airfares, accommodation, entry fees etc $3000 would be pretty spot on."

Rachael Wilson said the trip didn't sound very educational.

"Wouldn't pay it," she wrote.

"Trips out of state were more optional excursions at our high school for various year levels and classes.

"I didn't leave the state until I was out of school.

"Year level camps were within 4 hours from school.

"I'd be saying no."

Alasdair McWhirter said it sounded more like glamping than camping.

Lisa Malcolm said the cost was ridiculous.

"Who can afford that?" she wrote.

Denise Brooks said it was a similar amount to what people had to pay for rates.