Readers react to contraversial rule. Photo: file
Readers react to contraversial rule. Photo: file

YOUR SAY: Should we follow ‘polarising’ rule?

CHRONICLE readers have react to European nations opting to chart a new course, hoping to avoid a second lockdown and trying to achieve a stage of coexistence with coronavirus instead.


“I think eventually we will have to accept a future of living with the virus rather than it being eliminated. I don’t think science really has a full understanding of this virus. The herd immunity theory appears to be in doubt, chances of a vaccine in near future it also doubtful.

Although I expect any vaccination if developed would be rolled out more swiftly. It did apparently take close to 100 years from a small pox vaccine being developed for it be effectively eliminated from the world.” Gus Warde

“Yes the virus isn’t going any where soon we have learn to live with it.” Michael Ward

“No, as we want this virus to be completely gone and to never ever see or hear about this virus in time to come.” Sarah Jayne-Dorothy Cooke

“No. Lives are more important.” Raelene Cous

“And now one by one they are getting ever-increasing amounts of infection again.” Ivy Murphy


“There is no coexistence with COVID-19, if this is trialled here. You might as well build morgues next to nursing homes and medical centres.” Phataillow

“Still a very low mortality rate, and not even on the same scale as the Spanish flu. The lockdowns don’t work. So which “experts” are right?” Killerjools

“No coexistence with COVID! Then we will just give up? It is not going to magically go away. I’m all for coexistence.” Robertybob