YOUR SAY: Speed camera signs to disappear

THE Labor party has been accused by the LNP of using speed cameras to raise revenue rather than save lives.

LNP deputy leader Tim Mander said in 2015 the Palaszczuk government removed the requirement for mobile speed cameras to display a "speed camera in use" sign to inform drivers.

We asked our readers if they have any sympathy for speeding drivers and if they agree with the changes.


Here's what they had to say.

Rozy N Andy Mason: Nope! Wish more would get caught. Driving 60(km) along Boat Harbour (Drive) in double lanes, there's always people zooming past me. Don't speed and you don't need to worry.

Cory Bush: Of course it's revenue raising if you don't know they are there you keep speeding if you know they are there you slow down. So the emphasis on this is to gain money not make people go slower.

Lorraine Edwards: It's got me baffled why people complain about speeding fines when they are totally able to avoid it. Simple, don't exceed the (speed) limit = no fine and no revenue raised.

Helen Maffescioni: No sympathy for speeding drivers, drink drivers, drug drivers.

Jason Weston: They don't even place the signs in a visible position even then they can detect ya speed from 1km away.

Janet Spann: No if u don't speed u won't get fined - simple isn't it. Why do you need a sign? So you can slow down past radar than speed up when you past it.

Ashlee Hold: Just think if no one speeds, no one gets fines. Amazing!

Kerryl Jones: Over speed limit a bit. Shouldn't warrant a fine.

Trudi Marting: No sympathy at all.