YOUR STORY: Don't sink it, make the Tobruk a military museum

Burrum Heads' resident Doug Waters has considered a different future for the HMAS Tobruk which does not involve sending it to the bottom of the Great Sandy Strait.

WHY would you want to sink HMAS Tobruk as a recreational dive site a to cater for .0003% of tourists to the Fraser Coast?

This shallow draught vessel is exactly the attraction to put Maryborough back on the map.

It is a football field long and on one single level it would be able to house the entire Maryborough Military Museum with space for adding more exhibits in the future.

Spending council and government funding on this project would be for all to enjoy not the dedicated few that strap on an air tank.

Bruce Saunders is the man who needs to loosen the purse strings of Warren Truss to get some common-sense happening now to acquire this while it is still available.

Positioning it in town close to the Mary Poppins bank building would make it a short walk to a world-class museum.

They could put a restaurant on the main deck as well as shops which would create and income to the council for years to come.

Finally we would pull the tourists off the Bruce Hwy that currently just drive on by.