YOUR STORY: Parents in lunchbox debate call for fridges

YOUR STORY: Parents have called for fridges at more schools to store children's lunches so they have more options to provide a healthy meal.

Facebook reader Aleisha Smith said she would love to put cheese, eggs, ham, fruit salad, yoghurt in lunchboxes but there were no fridges.

She was responding to a post on the Chronicle's page about a Hervey Bay doctor asking parents to pack healthy lunchboxes.

Donna Johnstone said she agreed with having fridges at more schools "but even so an ice brick will keep carrot sticks, grapes, fruits cherry tomatoes cool enough that they won't get poisoned".

Steve Wright said many children in Townsville carried their lunches to school in small six-pack style eskies with a freezer block inside.

Marie Barnes said when her kids' school provided fridges for the class then she would send them with salads and other healthy food.

"Until then my kids will get a sandwich ,a muesli bar a pack of chips if they want it some fruit a juice popper and a bottle of water," she said.

"Why? Because they eat healthy at home and are not overweight."

Another Facebook reader said their four children were sent to school with a popper, muesli bars and sometimes chips as well a sandwich, but they also had proper meals at home, ate any vegetable that was put in front of them and none of them were obese or overweight.

Shola M. Saffy said it was cheaper to put processed items in school lunchboxes than add fresh food and some people could only afford the basics.

But Sara Laycock said a healthy lunch was extremely important and not expensive if you took the time to source it.

"I'd never put a price on my kiddies' health," she said.

Rhiannon Linfoot said it was not hard to buy what was in season.

"There are plenty of healthy adaptations for baked 'treats' that can be made from scratch for peanuts," she said.

Paul Mitchell asked what happened to teaching moderation when it came to food?

"Too much of anything can be bad for you," he said.

"What's wrong with sending a snack bar as well as fruit?"

Joshua Harris, 6, eating a healthy lunch of lamb and vegetable pasta.
Joshua Harris, 6, eating a healthy lunch of lamb and vegetable pasta. Eliza Wheeler