Bayside's youth girls team.
Bayside's youth girls team.

Youth girls competition set for growth

THE FUTURE: You can not underestimate the importance of Fraser Coast's youth girls competitions.

Played every Friday evening, the competition, aimed at girls between 11 and 14, was introduced to allow more girls to play the sport they love, in a competition that is fairer and more friendly to learn.

Bayside Strikers' Tamara Guest, one of the driving forces behind the season, said her team had loved the opportunity to play with other girls.

"My girls have been super excited just to have a girls competition. They're just stoked to be playing with girls, against girls,” Guest said.

"It's massively important for our competition, and for our growth in football in the whole region. It's an important stepping stone.

"I think it's okay in the juniors to be playing together, those younger, development ages like your six, seven, eights, but we realise our body structures are different, our skill levels can be very different at that age, and the opportunity to have that girls competition I think most girls like.

"Some girls would love to keep playing with the boys, but as our player numbers increase I think most girls will see their competition is better for where their skill level is at.”

The five-team competition, while competitive and with a finals series this season, has still been primarily directed at player development.

"If they needed help or advice we were talking. We can't build a better competition without the players,” she said.

Kick-off is at 5pm.